Oct 30

How to Write a Critical College Book Report

Writing a five-paragraph critical book report is a troublesome and overwhelming task for an average student. When you are assigned to write this type of paper, you will need to research, evaluate and analyze all thoughts that were presented in the book. In other words, you have to examine another author’s ideas concerning the particular theme.

Critical College Book Review Report Writing Steps

The most crucial point when composing a critical college book report is to properly acquaint and read the book. If possible you may give yourself time to properly analyze the material. The first and the foremost is to start writing your paper. You will need to write a short summary, just give your audience an overview of the most important points. Figure our main issues that will be covered in your summary.

Identifying the Book

A good critical college book report can be written in different ways. You will need to identify the main argument or thesis of the researched book. Identify the kind of the book (narrative, analytical, theoretical, deductive or topical). Check out the evidence that supports the book.

Evaluation of the Book

The heart of your book review is an evaluation. Here you will have to discuss main issues:

  • think how well the author discussed the main goal
  • think what personal experiences you have concerning the subject area
  • check out how the particular book is compared to others
  • ensure if main issues are convincing

Criticizing the Book

Choose an interesting book aspect that you will be able to build your paper around. Then, it is better to narrow the focus to the particular character or plot point. It is a good idea to go through the book more than once as this will help you to pick up the issues you didn’t notice the first time.
Like most pieces of academic writing, your paper should start with a catching introduction where the most interesting facts about the book are presented. A good intro tells the reader what the book review will say. The title and author should be included in the first paragraph.
Reading the particular book critically will give you an opportunity to closely review the distinction between main fact and its interpretation. These are the main guideline of how to write a critical college book report. Stick to main rules and instructions and you will surely succeed with your writing.

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